Unique to Designkor


Design Thinking and our 4D Methodology is our unique approach to delivering a competitive advantage through design.

These unique iterative and agile processes generate solutions that are typically more sensitive to and interested in the users' experience.

Our team utilizes Design Thinking and the 4D Methodology to review, question, and improve upon our initial assumptions and understanding of your project. From beginning to end, we strive, through these new insights, to see solutions that respond to both your artistic and functional needs and desires.


Design Thinking

Every building starts as an idea. How do we go from concept to building that responds appropriately to needs and desires? Why is it that some approaches work better than others? What is good design, anyway?

Designkor responds to these questions through its collaborative, transparent, and passion-driven design thinking process and 4D methodology to create beautiful, functional responses to every design task.


  1. Custom and creative design to align with wants and needs

  2. Complete project focus because every project delivery is personal

  3. Attentive and timely responses

  4. Maximized investment through value-based problem solving


4D Methodology


At the root of this methodology is the desire to generate creative solutions that respond to the holistic understanding of the design challenge. Designkor delves into the emotions, needs, and behaviors within the spaces we design.

This insightful methodology generates solutions based on the practices and actions of each project’s end-users.

DISCOVER — the human need & experience, source of inspiration

DEFINE — the related real design challenges

DESIGN — iterative research process responding to gathered information

DEPLOY — setting the plan into action


Our Services



We offer elite design concepts for a home experience based on the lifestyle and expectations of each client.



Designkor implements strategies to maximize the social and economic value through thoughtful well-designed spaces.


Conceptual Study

At the genesis phase of real estate development, Designkor utilizes creative processes focused on project delivery, functionality, and marketability of the overall design concept.


Adaptive Reuse

Offering significant sustainability and financial benefits, Designkor designs new life for existing buildings.